There is virtually an app for everything these days. Mobile applications have become a vital part of the marketing and customer engagement mix for businesses across type and scale. App design in Singapore. This is particularly true for companies in Singapore, which routinely tops the list of technology-ready cities and boasts the highest smartphone penetration globally.

Why should you consider investing in mobile application development?

To build and grow customer loyalty

Your mobile application serves as a direct channel of communication between your brand and your customers. Depending on the functionality your app provides or the rewards points that can be earned by using your app for purchases, you can expect customers to keep returning and help you become the ‘go-to’ or preferred company for the product or service you offer.
Improve visibility and create high recall value App design in Singapore.
The average mobile phone user spends two hours a day on his/her mobile phone. If your app can be among those that are accessed on a frequent basis, you will always be front and center in your customers’ minds. This visibility is important during opportune times, such as when customers pass by your store or browse online. Since your brand is already visually mapped to their brains, they are more likely to respond to your ads online or visit your store if they recall that you’re running a holiday discount or a buyback program.

Build or improve your competitive edge

Your mobile app creates a direct marketing and sales/service delivery channel to your brand. By giving your target audience and customers easy access and attractive rewards via your app, you can appear like the ‘better deal’ or more caring brand compared to your competitors.

Google’s app indexing

From an SEO perspective, having a mobile presence is rewarding, whether in the form of a mobile-optimized website or a mobile application.

An increasing number of people are searching for apps through the web search. Google’s deep linking changes focus on crawling and ranking application screens.

When using Google search, if a user wants to find an app, then Google displays a screen with a combination of related apps, called an App Pack. The search results, in this case, may take users directly to Google Play. Basically, App Packs improve app discovery on Google.

By taking the necessary steps that rank your app in Google Search Results (App Packs), and also in the App Store and Google Play, you can boost downloads while also improving brand awareness on mobile devices.